1647Vest Trans Rail ensures availability, professionalism and trust in relationship with its partners both, for national and international transports, doing transport on public and private infrastructure of Romania.

International transports are done in optimal conditions, due to the collaboration with railway operators from all over Europe and based on delivery-receipt conventions, for transports in border railway stations, concluded by Vest Trans Rail with operators from Hungary (Rail Cargo Hungary, MMV Hungary, Gysev Cargo, Central European Railway Company, Floyd Budapest), Bulgaria (Bulmarket DM Bulgaria, BDZ Cargo, Bulgarian Railway Company) and Serbia (Serbian Railways and SZDS).

The general objectives of our company are:

  • Continuous improvement of services quality for transport and shunting on railway, provided to our customers;
  • Strengthening and expanding our current partner relationships and substantiation for new relations in national and also international traffic;
  • Development of railway logistic and supplied services in order to come across at the customer’s requests and exigencies;
  • Providing necessary support of resources in order to increase professional skills, to improve the working environment, optimization level, performances and efficiency of all services provided.

Rom-Rail, strategic partner, is a railway forwarder that provides a wide range of services related to the railway transport and consulting services related to transport solutions.

Rom-Rail organizing international transports through direct contracts with national railways from: Hungary (RCH), Austria (OBB), Serbia (ZS), Croatia (HZ) and Italy (FS) plus other indirect contracts with the shareholders from Trenitalia (state-owned Italian Railway operator) and PKP Cargo (state-owned Polish Railway operator); all of which are active throughout Europe.

Besides direct contract with the state railways, Rom-Rail has signed firm contracts with other forwarders with great experience in countries such as Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany, France, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia.